Hello, Friends:


As we head into graduation season, it’s a good time to reflect on how far our EE kids have progressed and what your support has meant to the success of the program and each of our participants.


In 2001, we started Exceeding Expectations with a small group of kids who were just surviving each day, rather than living with hope of a future. They had no role models to show them what was possible. They looked at those who graduated high school and went to college as outliers.


Over the past 18 years EE kids were given reason to hope and plan for their futures. We maintain an ongoing roster of about 60 kids. Most are still living in a tough environment where they face serious challenges every day, but now they also know they’re part of a program where there’s an expectation that they will graduate high school and go on to further education. Their role models are their EE team mates who have gone before them:


  • 4 college graduates, 2 of them now pursuing Master’s degrees
  • 10 currently in college
  • 6 accepted to colleges to start their freshman year in Sept.
  • 4 distinguished US servicemen: Marines, Navy and two Army
  • 1 small business owner


This transformation isn’t the result of any magic. Rather it’s because we –you and I– believed in these kids and their right to live a life of opportunity.


EE’s Class of 2019 will start the next phase of their education in the fall.


Andrew is headed to Humboldt State University.





Ian is off to Arizona State, in a special program that
will let him serve in the Army while going to school.




Michael will be attending Valley College.



Moses is also attending Valley College.




Nancy will be attending University of Redlands. Brother and EE team
member John, to her left, just finished a great Junior year at Cal Baptist.



Israel is going to work for a year before starting college.



Airlen will be entering Cal State Monterey Bay 




Eduardo will be attending trade school in San Bernardino.



We also have two kids graduating junior colleges who will be entering four-year schools as juniors this fall.


Enrique is transferring to Cal State San Bernardino, where
his sister and EE team mate Ana is already a student.




Vianey is also on her way to Cal State San Bernardino.




A very special moment for EE came at another June graduation. Nik Keller, a charter member of EE and our first college graduate (UCSD 2013), was the guest speaker for this year’s graduating class at Cypress Elementary, the school in San Bernardino where Exceeding Expectations started in 2001. He spoke from his heart about the possibilities these kids have, using himself as living proof.






On the athletic side, EE participated in the PossAbilities Triathlon and 5K in Loma Linda, one of our favorite events of the year, where the kids race alongside challenged athletes. There were plenty of podium performances, but the highlight of the day was a going-away party for Nik and his fiancé, Ashley, who are moving to San Diego in connection with a great job opportunity. Both will continue to be strong EE supporters, but will be doing it from afar for a little while.







A collage of photos showed Nik through the years with EE


Making sure the kids understand that Nik
is an example of what they all can aspire to be.





Many of you have watched our kids grow over the years. I know it’s as gratifying to you as it is to us to see them set goals and focus on taking advantage of opportunities that will change their lives and the lives of their families.


Our kids, whether they’re in elementary school or college, understand the Exceeding Expectations program. They commit to working hard and excelling and we commit to removing obstacles that stand in their way. They also understand very well that Exceeding Expectations is a family that includes volunteers and financial supporters, all of whom believe in them and have high expectations for them.


Thank you so much for being a part of this rewarding endeavor.