October 2021


We’re all happy that in-person races are coming back!

Exceeding Expectations has a full slate of events on the calendar starting with last weekend’s Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) "Best Day in Tri" in San Diego. Excitement was running high this year as last year’s event was held virtually and we missed the opportunity to gather together and be inspired by these physically challenged athletes of all ages.



Each year our kids do run training all summer, preparing for a September team race where the kids race  for one of five qualifying slots to CAF in October. The 5 who represented EE last weekend were: Arian and Ahris Mayorga, Gabby and Yoselin Canseco and Eduardo Alvarez.



Several others joined us this year:


Richard and Ricardo, two outstanding runners who have attended the event several times, chose not to give up their slots, but made the trip to support their teammates and the challenged athlete runners on the course.


Richard, with sister Evelyn, the youngest member of the EE family.
(Photo of Ricardo below)


Meli and Salvador are “team fathers” who have served as valued EE volunteers for many years. We couldn’t make this weekend trip without their help. Salvador brought all his family along, which included our youngest EE member, 18-month old Evelyn (above).


Isi, Nik and Archi grew up in EE. Each has earned a college degree and is now generously “paying it forward," inspiring and mentoring our younger kids.




A good time was had by all. The pictures tell the story.


Spa soccer in the hotel the night before





Hangin' with our good friend and CAF spokesman Rudy Garcia-Tolson


Rubbing shoulders with 2021 Olympian Tara Davis and Paralympian Hunter Woodhall


Roderick Sewell, first double above-the-knee amputee
to complete the IRONMAN World Championship


Nik and Ricardo refueling


Isi, Nik and Archi weren't sure the kids had enough fun at CAF so
they took a few of them to the beach and fun park afterwards.
A great time was had by all!



We’re very proud of our athletes, but EE’s overriding goal is higher education for all our kids. We have three high school seniors this year: Arian, Yoselin and Fernanda (Eduardo’s cousin). Each is very strong academically, so we’re excited about where they will choose to attend college.



As you see pictures and read about our kids, the college graduates and those who will be college graduates, remember that it's your support that makes it all possible. We’re all in this together and, as each one succeeds, it makes our world just a little better.

Thank you!