July, 2020


Hello Everyone,

Remote graduation celebrations, missed milestone events, canceled races, drive-by greetings…

These, and other similar experiences, have become familiar to all of us. Life as we knew it has changed and we’re all trying to cope and adapt.

Last weekend, after four months of separation, Exceeding Expectations took a big step. We got together to enjoy each other’s company and do some run training. We followed strict protocol with face masks, social distancing and, hardest of all, no hugging!!


Face masks were a part of our attire.


As per the protocol, kids under three were exempt!



Ten-foot distancing was established for forming the line to pick up gear from the back of the car.



Each runner carried his own water, ran solo and could lower the mask while running if he remained 6 feet from anyone else on the course.



Family units were exempt from the ten-foot rule. The Mayorgas on the right; the Franco family on the left; whatever that is in the middle.


Pre- and post-run food and drink was handed out by volunteers, adhering to the no-touch rule



Alumni Marlene, Josh and Archi returned as volunteers.

The consensus was that, even with the restrictions, this was where we all wanted to be and what we wanted to be doing. So, EE is once again scheduling regular summer run/bike training. We’ll also have our usual late-summer session for high school seniors working on college prep. And when racing becomes safe again, we’ll be there!



I know we’re a long way from COVID-19 being behind us and we’ll need to continue to make sacrifices in order to protect ourselves and others for some time to come. But throughout this challenging time, we will always maintain focus on our long-held goal of giving our Exceeding Expectations kids the opportunities they so deserve, including a college education.

I’m happy to be back with our EE family and I am very proud of how well everyone is adapting. I’m aware that all of you are dealing with this “new world” and doing everything you can to help your own families. I wish you all the very best.

Stay safe. Stay well. I look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support of our Exceeding Expectations family.



P.S. These lives matter.