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August, 2020


Hello. Everyone:

As you long-time Exceeding Expectations supporters know, this is the time of year when we’re bringing  summer training to a close and selecting our team to attend the annual Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) event in San Diego in October.

As you can guess, there will be no CAF event this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But CAF has been creative and is offering a program that challenges folks to track their mileage and raise funds for the organization over the weeks leading up to the canceled event date, October 18th. Over the years, CAF has been very supportive of EE and this is our chance to give something back to this very worthy organization that helps physically challenged people rebuild their lives and get back into the game.

We have committed, as a team, to covering as many miles as possible - walking, running, biking, hiking, and swimming - over the next ten weeks. The goal is for every team member to raise at least $10 for CAF. With a team the size of ours, we can make a meaningful contribution to this organization that makes a difference in so many lives.

Here are some pics of last week’s training session. We had 40 participants running varying distances from 2-8 miles, for total mileage of 154 miles for the day.


Socially-distanced briefing, grouped by family/household


John and Nancy Alvarez (center) are in college, leading the way for their cousins,
Johana & Karen


The Brinker kids, ready to hit the run course


Diana and little brother Danny. Diana is a straight-A high school senior now looking at colleges.


Aramis, youngest of the Mayorga kids, and already speedy


The family gets involved, including our youngest member, Damian.


Arian, the oldest Mayorga, showing off the bike one of our EE supporters just donated


Some of you have already volunteered to participate in our fundraising by sponsoring a kid and donating a quarter for every mile he/she runs over the ten-week period, up to a max of $10. If this is something you’d be interested in doing, let me know. I’ll set you up as a sponsor of one of the kids (or more, if you’d like).


This is a very exciting opportunity for EE and we’re “all in” for the challenge. Rest assured that all of this activity will take place during non-school and non-homework time. Our kids have started back to school with remote learning still in force, which is not an ideal way to learn or to experience your college years, but everyone is doing their best to adapt and make it work. Although life is very different for everyone these days, Exceeding Expectations’ goal remains steadfast: To help provide opportunities for these kids to live a successful, productive life, which includes getting an education.

Thank you, as always, for your support of Exceeding Expectations. I am fully aware that we all are facing uncertain times ahead, but I know that you share in our commitment to make this world a better place – one kid at a time.

Stay safe


P.S. Visit to learn more about this wonderful organization.