June, 2024

Hello Everyone,

One of Exceeding Expectations’ favorite events took place last weekend – The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Mud Run. This event is not for the faint of heart! The 5K course is designed to toughen up members of the Sheriff’s Department and local military recruits. On this challenging course, grit and determination will get you to the finish line, and you’re guaranteed to be plenty muddy when you get there!


Just a small portion of our crew at the Mud Run





(Mud Run photos above by Albert Angelo)

The little kids have their own fun on a 1-mile course, which includes lots of mud and steep hills as well.

EE represented very well. Arian and Ahris placed 2nd and 3rd overall in the Men’s division and Yoselin placed 3rd overall in the Women’s division. And our little 8-year old Damian finished the Kids’ Run in the top 5 in the 12-and-under division.



Click here if you’d like to see more great photos of this epic event
taken by our good friend, Albert Angelo.


As most of you know, EE’s goal is not to develop these kids into world-class athletes, but rather to get them educated so that they can improve their lives. That said, some of our kids are developing into outstanding athletes, while also getting awards for academic achievement.

We are proud to announce the college graduation of Airlen Franco, who just received her Bachelor’s degree from UC Davis. Her plan is to work in the field of biology to get some experience before returning to school to earn a Master’s degree. Like most of our kids, she is the first in her family to go to college and her accomplishment was celebrated by the entire, proud family.



Currently Jeffrey is serving on a Marine base in Japan. He loves his work and the military life and plans on making it a career.

Following this year’s high school graduations, we’re adding three more to the US Military. Karen Rosas will be reporting to the Navy in July. Karen Alvarez and her cousin Eduardo Alvarez both have joined the Army Reserves. They’ll each report for a 6-month full-time training program before returning home with weekend obligations as part of their service.  Both have plans in addition to the reserves. Karen has been accepted and will be entering UC Riverside and Eduardo is enrolled in Universal Technical Institute (UTI), a trade-school preparing for careers in transportation, energy and manufacturing.

Arian has enlisted in the Air Force. His goal is a degree in Information Technology and he recently completed 2-years at Valley College majoring in IT. The AF has a program he’ll enter that will result in an IT degree and a great deal of experience in the field.





Natalie was invited to try out for the California South Olympic Development Team for soccer. She participated in a 2-day, 7-hour trial and made the team! She’ll train with this group in Ojai this summer. This program is scouting for the 2028 soccer team at the L.A. Olympics. Maybe Natalie will be the first EE Olympian!

At the same time, due to her academic accomplishments, Natalie was invited to attend the National Inland Empire Future Leader’s Camp, a selective program designed for high-achievers in the area. She came away from that experience very enthusiastic about all she’d learned about leadership and the people she met.


Nathan and Ahris are both making themselves known playing on the soccer circuit at the Regional and National level. As well, both of them are also at the top of their respective classes academically.


Our youngest runner, Damian, who just turned 8-years old, is running for a SoCal organization called Road Runners, as well as for Exceeding Expectations. He runs the 1500-meter event for Road Runners and has qualified to race later this month for a spot on the National Championship team. We’re all cheering for him.


And in the “Who would have thought?” department:

Miguel, now 29-years old, and Marlene, now 30-years old, were good friends in elementary school and both came to EE as original members. Marlene is now the mother of 6-year old Eliana and Miguel is an accomplished musician, who shares his talent by teaching music lessons. One of his star pupils is…..you guessed it…..Marlene’s Eliana.

Each day, these kids demonstrate to all of us that, given some help in the form of expectation-setting, opening doors of opportunities and loving guidance, along with some financial assistance, they will succeed.

Exceeding Expectations has the responsibility of providing this help, but it is the investment that all of you have made in our kids and our program that makes it work. The stories and photos above demonstrate the difference you’re making in these kids’ lives.

Speaking for the entire EE family, Thank you very much. We will always work hard to make sure your investment in EE is a good one.